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Tooth Extraction by a Periodontist

Sometimes your tooth needs to be pulled, usually due to disease, crowding, or trauma. Having a Periodontist perform the procedure will have your dental health rehabilitated and your missing tooth replaced at one location.
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Why Choose a Periodontist?

Tooth loss is often caused by an infection that occurs in the gum tissue. It destroys the roots and supporting structures of the teeth. A Periodontist specializes in treating the infection and repairing the complications while protecting your remaining teeth to ensure that no additional tooth loss occurs in the future.
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Periodontal and Gum Disease Specialists

If you have experienced bleeding while eating or brushing, bad breath, loose teeth, gum recession, heart disease, diabetes, osteopenia, or osteoporosis, it is essential you schedule your appointment with our office right away.

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about Tooth Extraction

What are the benefits of having my teeth extracted by a Periodontist?
First, and perhaps most importantly, if your tooth can be saved, there is no better dental health professional than a Periodontist. Periodontists specialize in saving natural teeth through a wide range of advanced procedures to rebuild healthy gum tissue or reverse bone loss in the jaw.

However, if a bacterial infection has destroyed the gum tissue, teeth roots, and the bone structure underneath gums, there may be no other option except to remove the tooth. And again, for this procedure, there is no better dental health professional than a Periodontist. Dentists often refer their patients to Periodontists for tooth extractions.

In addition to removing the tooth, treating infections, and reversing damage, a periodontist also specializes in tooth replacement solutions. Before removing the tooth, the specialist will find an appropriate form of replacement to restore your smile. This not only allows you to remain confident about your appearance but will slow or stop the progression of oral health complications that are associated with tooth loss.

With the entire process handled by one doctor, you will benefit from high-quality results to restore your oral health and functions. You will not need to be referred to another location for each stage of treatment. All your needs are met in one office to save you time and money without compromising the quality of the results you receive.
Does it hurt to get your teeth removed?
The teeth surgery procedure itself is painless primarily. You’ll be relaxed, comfortable, and even unaware of the passing time with sedation dentistry. In addition to sedation, local anesthetics numb the mouth to anything that could be painful.

Most people experience some soreness during the healing period following surgery. However, Dr. Benarroch and Dr. Pearson utilize recent advances in medicine and state-of-the-art technology to allow patients to have their teeth removed in a manner that promotes rapid healing and minimal post-operative discomfort.

We are one of only a handful of centers in the area with a 3-D CT scanner in-house, allowing us to take 3-D imaging on patients to verify nerve positions, ensuring safety and minimal trauma.

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