IV Sedation

At Valencia Periodontics we work with a Board- Certified dental Anesthesiologist who helps us provide dentistry and surgery while you sleep. The anesthesiologist will provide the anesthesia and monitor you throughout the entire procedure while Drs. Benarroch is able to work more quickly to provide you with all of the treatment that you need.

IV Sedation is similar to the sedation you would receive in a surgical centre – we use the same safety monitoring and equipment – but without the hassle of going to a separate office for your dental treatment. You will receive the treatment you need while you sleep and most patients have do not even remember any of the procedure.

We recommend considering IV sedation for your treatment if:

  • You want to be asleep and have no memory of dental treatment
  • You need a significant amount of treatment done at once
  • You have significant medical considerations that would make surgical treatment unsafe without anesthesia

If you do choose to have your treatment performed with IV sedation you will need someone to drive you to your appointment and drop you off in our office as well as pick you up from the office after the procedure is completed and take you home.