Pocket Reduction Therapy

After we have completed initial non-surgical periodontal therapy we will re-evaluate your mouth to see if more definitive treatment may be needed to treat your periodontal disease. Pocket Reduction Treatment will be recommended for you if your perio pockets are too deep to be cleaned with brushing and flossing and with professional cleanings or scaling and root planing.

Pocket reduction therapy is done to access the root surfaces so that all of the disease-causing bacteria and toxins can be removed. In some cases, irregular surfaces of the damaged bone are smoothed and recontoured to remove areas where bacteria can ‘hide’ and multiply to invade the crevices of surrounding teeth. This will allow the gum tissue to better attach to the healthy bone and roots.
Regular professional maintenance care with good daily hygiene following tissue regeneration procedures will decrease your pocket depths, infections and health issues that arise from periodontal disease and will increase your chances of repairing the damage from the disease and keeping your teeth for as long as possible.

We perform this treatment both traditionally and by using a laser, depending on your specific case and your medical and dental needs. You can learn more about our surgical laser treatment at Valencia Perio here.

Contact our office to schedule your periodontal evaluation so you can get started with your initial therapy. Early intervention helps keep you healthier and helps you keep your teeth longer!

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