Pre and Post Orthodontic Evaluation

Pre and post orthodontic evaluation of the periodontium

Before you have any orthodontic treatment done, it is always a good idea to visit your periodontist to make sure that you have no active gum disease. Your periodontist will recommend that you begin orthodontic treatment when any gum infections have been treated and you have no signs of inflammation.
If you have significant gum recession, we may recommend that you have gum grafting done before your orthodontic treatment or that you wait until you have completed treatment to come back for gum grafting. This will depend on the kind of orthodontic treatment that is planned for you.

If you have missing teeth that you plan to have replaced with implants we will often recommend planning the treatment before your orthodontic treatment, but placing the implants after the ortho is completed. It’s important that the periodontist evaluate your bone after your ortho treatment is done before removing any teeth or replacing any missing teeth.

We work closely with your orthodontist to make sure that all of the treatment that you need is done in the order that will best treat your individual smile.

While you have braces on your teeth you are much more susceptible to gingivitis and gum disease since plaque and calculus will build up on your teeth much more quickly and will be much harder for you to remove. We recommend having your teeth cleaned every 3-4 months while in braces.

Contact our office if you are planning orthodontic treatment or have recently completed orthodontic treatment for a complete periodontal evaluation.
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