Teeth in a Day

(Sometimes called “All-on-4” Implant Treatment)

If you have to replace all of your upper teeth or all of your lower teeth you may be a candidate for an innovative implant solution that we call new teeth in a day.

You can read more about the other treatment options for replacing all of your teeth in one jaw with dental implants here using multiple implant supported bridges that are screwed into your mouth permanently or by having an implant supported denture that you remove every night.

New Teeth in a Day – Here’s how it works:

Consultation — When we first meet, we will take some records of your existing condition, whether you still have teeth or are wearing a denture, to determine various factors- including how long your teeth should be, where your bite should be and how much lip and facial structure support is needed. We will take impressions to make molds of your teeth and measure your bite and we will take a CT scan (x-ray) in our office which will produce 3-D pictures of the jawbone, including the position of the teeth to be replaced. The scan provides critical information about your anatomical structures (including bone, sinuses and nerve location) and the ideal location for your implants.

Planning — Using computer simulation, the implants are digitally positioned in the jawbones in appropriate locations to optimally support the replacement teeth. We use the molds of your teeth and the CT scan to fabricate a surgical guide that allows us to place the implants exactly where they will be ideally located to best attach your new teeth.

Guided Surgery — On the day of surgery you will have your teeth removed and replaced with implants at the same time, while you are asleep.

Temporary Teeth — Temporary replacement teeth are attached directly to the implants via abutments — connectors that allow solid attachment to the implants. These teeth are considered temporary and are needed to facilitate initial healing; they will later be removed and replaced with permanent ones. Even though they are temporary they are still attached to the implants and can only be removed when the dentist unscrews them. The temporary teeth stay in your mouth approximately 3 -6 months until healing is completed.

Permanent Teeth — When the implants have fully healed we work closely with your general dentist to remove the temporary teeth and replace them with the permanent teeth that are also screwed into the implants. The permanent teeth are made of stronger materials and fit the healed gum tissues more precisely. We work closely with the lab technician and your general dentist to make sure that you are satisfied with the look of these teeth and are happy with your new smile!

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