Cone Beam CT Scanner

A CT Scanner (Also known as CBCT for Cone-beam computed tomography) provides three-dimensional images. You sit while the machine rotates around your head for about 20 seconds. The x-ray beam is cone-shaped, instead of fan-shaped as in a standard medical CT and uses less radiation than a medical CT. The cone-beam CT scanner that we use in our office is the Gendex CB-500, powered by iCAT software, a state-of-the-art scanner and software system that allows us to visualize your complete dental anatomy in 3-Dimensions. It is particularly useful for evaluating your jaws for dental implants.

Having a CT Scanner in our office allows us to start your periodontal and implant treatment planning immediately. With the anatomically accurate images we are able to achieve more predictable diagnoses, treatment plans and it is the most accurate method to evaluate your oral anatomy to treatment plan for dental implants.